A new way of life

In Bio-logiqué everyone can benefit from our diverse selection of services like preventive medicine, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy or a weight loss/management plan.

Through a personalized treatment, adjusted to fit your unique health needs, we will make sure that your personal goals for a better quality of life are met. We offer a comprehensive evaluation that includes interpretation of all exams by our expert doctor, electrocardiogram testing, body composition analysis and education on topics relevant to your specialized treatment plan.

Patient care is personal and individualized to meet your unique needs. We have trained personnel to take care of the privacy and confidentiality of the patient as well as all the procedures performed.

r. José Negrón Pérez

Meet our expert

Dr. José Negrón Pérez holds a Certification of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy with BioTE and Dr. Neal Rouzier,

considered one of the main world authorities in Hormonal Optimization since 1997. After more than 18 years of experience in emergency medicine, and, concerned about the importance of disease prevention, exercise and balanced nutrition, Dr. José Negrón Pérez founded Bio-logiqué as his proposal to add life to the years of his patients and achieve the goal of healthy aging through hormonal optimization. His empathy, rigor and sensitivity have earned him the respect and distinction of his patients and colleagues.